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Music Video: "Heartbreaker" by Dan Franklin

Brittnee plays the role of Dan Franklin's promiscuous ex-girlfriend in the brand new music video for his song, "Heartbreaker." The video debuted TODAY! Jammerzine wrote an article about it. You can also watch it on YouTube here:

Directed by Alex Suarez


Dan Franklin - Himself

Brittnee Garza - Ex Girlfriend

Stephanie Wall - Girl in Bar

Dave Hill - Bartender

Mike Starr - One Night Stand Guy 1

Alex Suarez - One Night Stand Guy 2

Kylie Canales - Friend 1

Briahna Fuller - Friend 2

Pat Leon - Drummer

Steve Araujo - Bassist

Patrick Copeland - Keyboardist

Dancers - Sammy Heim, Cris Cadenza, Michael Garza, Cameo Humphrey, Kirsten Rollag, Briahna Fuller, Kylie Canales, Mike Starr


Director - Alex Suarez

Camera - Joyous King

Grip - Nick Turchen

Grip - Sam Mikelic

Still Photography - Briahna Fuller

UPM - Julie Emery

Special Thanks - Alex Garcia and Rockefellas, Ken and Lori Gallagher, Sam and Tina Mikelic, Sarah Franklin, G&L Guitars

Heartbreaker - written by Dan Franklin and Josh Disan

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