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Brittnee is now on Patreon!

Hey, Everyone! Brittnee, here!

It's true! I'm now on Patreon. I've been a professional actress & performer my entire adult life. Now, I'm adding producing & directing to the mix! With a strong background in stilt walking, rollerskating, and general live performance, I have always wanted to create whimsical, high-energy shows that combined all of these performance styles into one cohesive act. That idea manifested as Chaotic Motion Entertainment!

In addition to specialty shows, I also have a great interest in producing narrative films. Last year, I wrote several short screenplays that went into pre-production, only to be halted by the pandemic. This year, I am determined to revive the projects and tell those stories.... and some new ones as well! I created a Patreon page so that, in addition to receiving some support that helps me be able to continue creating, I have a place to share exclusive content with those who are most dedicated to supporting Chaotic Motion and my other filmmaking endeavors. It's a great way to get even more involved and see what is brewing behind the scenes. If you want to peek behind the curtain, feel free to head on over to to see what's on the way!

Thanks so much for checking it out!


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