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Season finale of "PERFECT CHAOS"

"PERFECT CHAOS" is a chain series created by Set Apart Pictures. The series takes place during a time of global panic, as the artificial intelligence we've created to help us turns against us, turning our devices into antagonists intent on manipulating us toward our own destruction.

The Season 2 finale is written & directed by Dylan Michael Searle and produced by Aneiszka Sea.

If you like The Walking Dead then this episode might be up your alley. It follows a group of survivors living off the grid who start to believe that one of their own may actually be a machine with sinister intentions.

Brittnee Garza portrays "Kate" in this episode, which was released TODAY! Feel free to check it out & share with your friends!


Aneizska Sea

Erik Anthony Russo

Samuel Selman

Brittnee Garza

Jason Rhodes


Producer - Aneiszka Sea

Director - Dylan Michael Searle

Director of Photography - Calvin Ferniza

AC/Gaffer - Chad Wopschall

Sound- Eric Sarich

Visual Effects - Samuel Selman

Production Design - Kylie Canales

Production Assistant - Michael Garza

Editor - Rahmel J. Aragon

Additional Editor - Marcus Wright

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