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Brittnee Garza Launches Pop Diztrict as Co-Founder

Brittnee Garza and her mom, Marlee Garza, launched a brand new line of t-shirts featuring positive, inspirational, and uplifting phrases and designs. Their brand is called, "Pop Diztrict" and it's designed for "People Of Power," which is all of us... Pop Diztrict is meant to be more than just a line of t-shirts... it's meant to be a community where everyone is welcome, everyone is accepted, and everyone is loved. It's meant to be a place where you can feel empowered, and where you're reminded that you are loved.

Brittnee attributes all of the success she's had so far as an actress and performer to per positive outlook on life: "In a world where actors constantly face rejection and disappointment, it's most important to believe in yourself no matter what. Remember that you are worthy of your dreams. Take ownership of your dreams, stay positive, be thankful and humble. Encourage others. Celebrate their successes as much as you celebrate your own. And in the meantime, keep believing with all your heart that you are meant for great things."

To find out more about Pop Diztrict, you can Like the Facebook Page, Follow on Instagram, or visit to browse t-shirts on Amazon!

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